Build Beautiful Headboard out of Free Lumber

If you haven’t checked out how to good free lumber from Artistic Wood Products just click these links below:

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There are some more – but you get the point. These methods will lower the costs of the headboard way down. But if you don’t want to use these techniques to get the low cost or free lumber, then that will be your call.

Anyway, a headboard isn’t a difficult task, but if you aren’t really sure how to tackle it, then the video below will give you a hand. He uses recycled pallet wood to build it, and he doesn’t plane the pallet lumber down, just sands it well in order to take away all the splinters.

But if you don’t like the rustic look, you can always plane down your boards in order to smooth them out. What I like about pallet wood is (and you can see it in the video) it will give you a variety of wood colors if you do like the individual here did – he just used a variety of pallets to pull the lumber from for the decor on the headboard.

Either way, you can use this as a guide or mimic it completely. It is up to you!

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