How to Find Free Hardwood Lumber for Your Woodworking Projects

It is possible to find quality bundles of new lumber for less than the cost of firewood. In fact, the higher the quality the easier it is to find. You as well can use this method in order to build your projects in order to get low cost or even free lumber.


When it comes to construction-grade lumber, there is plenty of inferior wood in the marketplace. However, when it comes to hardwoods, it’s a different story. Vendors often get stuck with product that has too many problems to sell as fine hardwoods but has too many good qualities to simply discard.

Throw Them a Quick Twenty

To find these boards that are gems in the rough, head to a lumberyard that is staffed by an owner or an active manager. Be direct and ask them if they have any bundles that they will sell off cheap. I often get looks of recognition and have been told to “Throw them a quick twenty” for a bundle or have been quoted prices that are less than what they paid. The reasoning behind these exceptional prices is inventory turn.

These owners or managers understand that their bottom line will be negatively impacted if they don’t make room for new product that is salable at a higher profit margin. Most of the time they will load you up quickly and get you out the door fast because their boss or partners may not fully understand this concept. I read where one woodworker bought bundles of ash that had beetles eating up some of the wood. He said “that’s no problem because I know that either a good hard freeze or some sealing product will get rid of that problem.

The Higher the Quality The Easier It Is to Find

Using some common sense, I am able to get good wood at a great price.” He also lucked onto a bundle of cherry wood that was returned by a customer who thought they looked a little too rustic. “When I checked the bundle out, I discovered that only the top layers were covered with spits, knots, and rotted spots.

Because I got them at such a great price, I’m using them instead of plywood to make shelves that will truly last a lifetime,” he said. “Now that I’ve started this relationship at my lumberyard, I am looking forward to a lifetime of good deals on wood.” So check out your local lumberyard for these great deals. Most will have bundles of wood they can’t sell but won’t throw them away because they still have some value.

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