How Build Simple Bookcase from Stair Treads


Do you display photos and books on a few boards being held up with cinder blocks or bricks? If so, then I have some great news for you. To build a bookcase or book shelves, you aren’t required to be a master woodworker, carpenter, or designer. You can be even the most novice of woodworkers.

Another worry that you won’t have is the cost of a shop loaded with expensive tools, many dollars worth of lumber, or extensive plans. It takes a little lumber, a circular saw or table saw, and a little time. You even can trim scrap lumber to give yourself some veneer edges if you use plywood for the shelving. The task will take half a day for the beginner, much less for the advanced.

What lumber should you use when building the book case? Much of that will depend on you, what you are able to spend, or even if you have it laying around in the shop. As mentioned, if you use plywood, you can always cover up the plywood edges by ripping veneer from solid lumber to cover up the veneer. If you don’t use plywood, then you don’t have to have the veneer but you can add some style to it if you do have something on the edges.

Though some use screws to put together the book case, you can also go with nails and glue. Gluing is a must if you go with nails, because it doesn’t have the strength and holding power that screws do. If you use screws, capping them makes the shelving system look better and finished.

This video below is a great step by step instructional on how to build a simple book case. You will notice in the video that it is really as simple as I say to take on this project.

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