How to Build Your Own Oscillating Spindle Sander

Earlier today I showed you an easy way to turn your drill press into a spindle sander. That is a fast easy project that you can do quickly in order to have a sander that will smooth out your curved project pieces.

This is a build for an oscillating spindle sander. It serves a few purposes. One is it does like the drill press version – sands the curved parts and pieces of the lumber. But it also goes up and down, and this will serve a few purposes in itself. One of them is so that you will be getting an up and down and circular motion all in one, and this will help to prevent sanding lines. Similar to the way a random orbital sander prevents the lines. (But not exactly by any means.)

Another thing that it does is of course, uses the majority of the sanding pad. That way it costs less for the sanding pads used, and you won’t have to change them out so often. One more thing is that it will help add another bit of pressure to the piece because it is going up and down.

Remember, this is a drill powered sander, so if you want it to work well, then you have to be sure to either get a stronger drill, or replace it with a decent motor.

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