How Build a Folding Miter Saw Stand

A miter saw is a tool that most look as essential in their workshop. If you have a miter saw, it is also good to have a stand to put the saw on to make your cuts.

The problem comes with buying a stand for the saw. Usually to get one that works well, it can cost roughly 200 bucks.

You already paid for the saw, and now you have to purchase a costly stand? Not if you build one similar to the version in the video below.

Another issue you may run into is the size of the stand. Especially if you have a garage shop, you will have to make tables and stands that are mobile and can possibly fold up in order to fit it in a corner or move it around and into position. This one is perfect for doing just that.

It will take a sheet of plywood, a few locking hinges, and if you want it mobile then you can add the casters to it. Usually if you are making it with wings that fold down, you are going to want it mobile, so adding the casters is a recommended choice. Enjoy this practical and low cost design!

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