Some Of The Easiest and Best Projects Made from 2×4s

What makes 2×4 furniture look so good even though it is simple? Is it the clean lines? The thick stock? Not sure. But even some of the most advanced woodworkers like to make this type of furniture and use what they have designed and crafted.

There is a large variety of projects that can be built out of 2x stock. Not just the traditional garden bench (though this still is a great project.) You can make benches and chairs, but also tables, picnic tables, cabinets, desks, dinette sets (I just saw a whole set and it looked amazing), bookshelves, beds,….and the list goes on.


We see 2×4’s used in projects that we sit on a lot because of the sturdiness. It also is thicker stock so it will help prevent warping and twisting over time. Also, the lumber, if outside, will start to get at least a few cracks and splits, and since this weakens the structure, the thickness of the lumber will compensate for any weakness.

One thing that many don’t think of is that you can also make furniture such as cabinetry out of 2×4’s by ripping them down to thinner stock. Why do this? Well, for one, it is a lot cheaper than purchasing oak or some other more expensive hardwood from the lumber outlets if that is where you get all of your materials. Here is an example of this being done in order to make a cabinet in the bathroom:

I have found a few plans here that you can use for your next 2×4 furniture build in your workshop. You can use these ideas and even alter the design if you would like to fit your personal preferences:

Beautiful Sofa Table :

Great & Strong Workbench


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