How to Build Beautiful Low Cost Cabinet Doors

Many times if you can’t afford new cabinets you can still get a new looking kitchen with a cabinet resurfacing. Not only does this save money, it also will save a lot of time.

Just by sanding the frames of the cabinets and adding new doors, you can make a huge difference to the kitchen or bathroom – or wherever you are trying to rework the existing cabinets.

I did a quick look on Lowe’s website and just one cabinet door is 50 dollars to purchase. Though it still would be cheaper to get all new doors than all new cabinets, to build this door in the video will run you roughly 10 dollars or so to make yourself.

At 10 dollars a door – even if you have 16 doors (which would give you two 4 door cabinets and one smaller ground cabinet – then two upper cabinets) that would equal roughly 160 bucks. At 50 dollars a door that would run you 800 bucks. Large difference right? And that doesn’t include the taxes on the doors. So even if you went with a decent hardware your resurface with hinges and other hardware may run you 350 dollars, whereas all new doors would run you closer to 1100.

If you got all new cabinets, that is in the thousands, so you can see the savings of a resurfacing job. Check the video out below – and though the guy has some odd times in the video, you still will like it I am sure.


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