How to Building Strong Sawhorses Out of 2×4’s

Sawhorses always come in handy in the woodworking shop. There are some that don’t even have a workbench because of room limitations or other reasons, so they just have a pair of sawhorses and add a sheet of plywood for a top.

This will make for a quick table set up, or if you need a temporary table inside or out. You don’t have to use sawhorses just to make a table of course. You can use them to cut lumber on, etc..

These sawhorses are incredibly simple to make. You can make 2 sawhorses out of five 8′ 2x4s. They are really strong and can take a beating.

Limited space in your shop? That’s ok because they stack easily to only take up one footprint.

These are simple and quick to make. Jay Bates’s video has his normal humor to it so enjoy!

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