How to Build a Mitre Fence Extension Attachment

Miter gauges are not the best of tools on the table saw to be used because they are flimsy, the wood will rock, and it just can be an overall lack of comfort when using it.

Please keep in mind also that you aren’t to use it against the fence of your table saw as well because it can put the wood in a bind and it can cause it to kick back!

But a miter gauge can be very useful if you modify it. Make sure that you remember any modifications made to the equipment the saw comes with releases everyone but yourself of any guarantees that you won’t get hurt. But we all know that making them better can help prevent accidents.

Either way what I really like about this one in the video is it has a stop on it that can just be flipped around and slid around to adjust for the wood or workpiece rather that is going to be cut.

Enjoy this great project in the video! I thought it was very innovative!

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