Wood Carvings For Beginners

Wood carving is creative, fun, and doesn’t require expensive tools or a fancy workshop to get started. All that a beginner needs is a piece of wood and something that is sharp enough to carve it. But you need to understand that the type of wood and carving tools that you choose could have an effect on how easy or difficult the project is going to be.

On the other hand, your safety as a beginner woodworker may depend on the type of tool you choose to carve the wood. This is why it is important that you have a basic idea of wood carvings for beginners. This article provides an overview of woodcarving tips for beginner woodworkers.

There are different types of woodworking techniques out there. In fact, you will find four basic types of woodcarving techniques out there. The best technique for you may depend on your skill level as well as the end product you intend designing.



Whittling is the oldest form of woodworking. It features sharp, textured cuts that leave knife strokes on the wood.Whittling is performed with a carving knife and the products made using this method is quite angular. Relief carving is the other technique which carves certain figures into wood. The back of the wood is left flat while the figure is carved into the piece of wood.

Carving in the Round


Carving in the round is another popular technique of woodcarving. The objects made using this technique have a better finish. In fact, they are smooth and rounded. Chip carving is the fourth technique in this regard. The woodworker will use a chisel, knife, and hammer for this process. He or she may chip away at a piece of wood to create the desired outcome.

This helps create intricate patterns in wood plates. Once you are clear on what type of technique you need to use, the next important thing is to decide on the type of wood that needs to be used for the project.

Ideal Carving Woods

Basswood and Butternut are two of the most popular, softer types of woods that are ideal for beginner woodworkers. On the other hand, Butternut may offer a nice grain if you leave the sculpt unpainted. Make sure you purchase the right type of wood from a wood supplier when you are learning to carve wood.


Don’t just pick a piece of wood from your garage or lumber pile. It may end up in frustration since you are not familiar with the different kinds of wood out there. Other than Butternut and Basswood, you also can use Mahogany, White Pine, Black Walnut, Sugar Maple, White Oak, and Cherry which are easier to carve for a beginner woodworker.

In conclusion, wood carving is fun, creative, and doesn’t need expensive tools to get started. All you require is a piece of wood and a sharp tool to carve the wood. There are different types of wood and woodworking tools for a beginner to get used to. The aforementioned read offers information on wood carvings for beginners.


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