Top Wood Work Tools You Should Own

If you’re interested in wood work, then there are a few tools you will definitely want to have. Some tools are a must, while others are not that important. With that said, here are some of the top tools you should have.

1. Claw Hammer


The most basic tool you want for woodworking is the claw hammer. The ideal size is 20-ounces, as this is light enough to hold but it is still heavy enough to get the job done. A claw hammer is a must because it doesn’t matter what type of project you’re working on, the chances are you’re going to be using nails to put something together.

Just make sure you don’t choose just any old claw hammer because you want one that is durable and reliable and one that is not to heavy, which is why you should choose a 20-ounce claw hammer.

2. Utility Knife


Another tool is the utility knife, but there are various types  but most people choose to use one that has disposable blades. A good knife will last you for a longtime and it will be strong enough to handle many jobs, such as scribing wood or cleaning mortise joints. A good utility knife will have a handle that is easy to grip and strong blades but try to get a knife with disposable blades because this will allow you to change the blades as they become worn down.

3. Chisels


You’ll want to purchase a few chisels because they come in handy, regardless of the type of woodworker you are. Chisels are useful because you can use them to clean out joints, as well as saw cuts. The best chisels are made with alloyed steel or carbon steel and they will be equipped with a good grip. Ideally, you want to get chisels that have hardwood grip, but make sure you get an assortment of chisels because having various sizes will help you work more efficiently.

4. Levels


It doesn’t matter what kind of woodworking project you are working on, you will want to have a few levels. You can get a 6-foot-level, 48″ level and an 8″ level. Having these three sizes will come in handy for all types of projects. Levels are important to woodworkers because they allow them to make sure everything is level and that the plumb is vertical.

5. Screwdrivers


Every woodworker needs a good set of screwdrivers. Make sure you choose screwdrivers that have been built to last because the last thing you want is to wreck your screwdriver the moment you put a little bit of force on it. Quality screwdrivers may cost a bit of money but they are well worth it.

Keep in mind that when it comes to wood work, there are many other tools you should get. However, screwdrivers, levels, chisels, a claw hammer and a utility knife are the top ones you must have. If you are planning to take on a woodworking project, then make sure you have those tools.

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