A Beginners Guide To Great Wood Carvings

If you want to explore your creative side and work with natural material then getting started on the journey to creating fantastic wood carvings is a great way to have some fun.

The great thing about getting ready to turn out fantastic wood carvings is that the equipment required is not expensive. In fact with only a few basic tools almost anyone can be ready to start this great hobby.

The first decision any woodcarver will have to make is what sort of wood they would like to work with. Each type of wood has its own distinctive characteristics and some are easier to work with than others.

Here are some of the most popular types of wood chosen by those who are new to carving.

#1 Butternut


This is a great choice for the beginner. Butternut is easy to carve Its course grain and distinctive light brown color makes it very attractive.

#2 White Pine



This is another wood that is very easy to work with due to the fact that is extremely soft. The creamy color and medium grain also makes it a very attractive wood to use.

#3 Cherry


Cherry wood is more suitable for those who have some experience in carving. It’s a hard wood with a wavy grain and a fine pink / brown color. It will reward the hard work that goes into carving it with a very attractive end product that can be brilliantly varnished.

#4 Sugar Maple


The creamy color of Sugar Maple makes it one of the most popular woods used for carving. However, it is challenging to carve due to the fact that it has a fine grained, hard wood.

#5 White Oak


Coarsely grained this wood is not suitable for beginners – however the almost bleached yellowish wood allows for the creation of some extremely attractive pieces.

The tools required to start off a hobby of wood carving are relatively simple – making this pastime extremely cost effective. In fact only three types of tools are required. These are:

#1 The Chip Carving Knife


This is the tool that beginners will be using most often. With a blade that is between one and two inches long it’s easy to use, however care should be taken to make sure that it is comfortable in the hand. The most expensive chip carving knives will cost around $50 (however some can be a lot more expensive). This who want to make sure that their purchase is great value for money should make sure that it has a carbon steel blade.

#2 Gouges


These are used to scoop out portions of wood (think about a small, sharp ice cream scoop). There are a variety of different types. Two great choices for the beginner are the U Scoop and the V Scoop.

#3 Mallets And Chisels


The chisels are used for chipping and the mallet applies force to make the chipping process easier. Beginners can choose either a rubber head mallet or a wooden one.

Wood carving is a great, cheap way to start off working with wood. It’s also a fantastic way to get used to the different types of wood and their characteristics. Using the knowledge gained from carving the creative person can move on to more ambitious wood working projects.








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