Top Five Tools for Woodworking

Whether you like working with wood to create something artistic or want to learn to make your own furniture, you need to have the right tools to work with this medium. Tools wood allow you to cut, sculpt, chisel and polish a piece of wood to create a sculpture or a practical object. Here are five tools you should have with you if you want to work with wood.

5. A Workmate Or A Bench

You need to have a workspace for your creations. Working with wood can be messy, which is why you should have a dedicated space for your projects. You need a Workmate or a larger bench where you can safely cut wood and make your vision come to life. You should also invest in clamps to secure the pieces of wood you want to work on and get protective gear.

4. A Saw

You can use different types of saws to cut wood. A circular saw is ideal for cutting larger pieces of wood but a table saw is also a good option. You are going to need a hand saw or a router to cut smaller pieces. These tools allow you to cross cut wood and to straighten edges. A jigsaw or a coping saw can be used for rounded cuts and to work on details.

3. A Mallet And Chisels

Using a mallet and chisels is the best way to add details to your creation. This is going to be your primary tool if you want to work on a sculpture and will also come in handy to add a personal touch if you want to create wooden furniture. You should invest in a collection of chisels so you have different sizes and shapes to work with.

2. A Power Drill And Biscuit Joiner

Being able to drill holes and create joints will open up new possibilities. These tools wood are not necessary if you want to sculpt to create something artistic but being able to join two pieces of wood together or to drill holes so you can add screws will allow you to create more complex objects and pieces of furniture.

1. Files And A Sander

Finishing is very important and you need to invest in a collection of files and in a quality sander to get the result you want. You might also need a block plane and a smoothing plane to polish surfaces. You might also want to get some varnish or some paint if you want to add this type of finish to your project.

Make sure you have all the tools you need before getting started on a project. Choose quality tools that will last a long time and don’t hesitate to invest in a large collection of tools if you plan on working on several projects. Always test new tools on scrap wood so you can get used to them and find the right gestures before working on your sculpture or piece of furniture.

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