Learn Some Of The Basic Tools Wood Workers Use

Working with wood is very exciting and for a lot of guys a great way to use their hands and work with some tools. However, not all of the tools wood workers use are going to be power tools.

Since this is the case, people should know more about the different hand tools. This way they are able to get the right tools and know it is going to work for their needs. Without this, people are going to have some problems in getting the right tools for the basic jobs they are going to do and this can often lead to the job never being completed.


One of the most basic tools wood workers use is going to be the handsaw. These handsaws generally are going to be a lot harder to use than the power saws, but they are going to be something that a lot of people will want to start off with because it teaches them how to use a saw, but also the clamps as well since these will need to be used to hold the wood in place.

So a handsaw is a very useful tool for wood workers to start to use since they will be able to learn how to use a saw and start to learn the value of the other tools that are going to work in conjunction with the handsaw.


These are an item that needs to be considered as a tool because they are used more often than most of the other items in a shop. The reason is the wood worker will use clamps to hold the boards together while waiting for the glue to dry, but also to hold the boards in place when they are cutting some of the boards with different saws.

The clamps also make it easier for the wood to be worked on as well, without having to worry about it moving for find painting or if the wood worker is talented for the etching of the wood with a fire brand.


This is an item that a lot of people will recognize as the tool that is used to drive in the nails. However, depending on the type of hammer they can also be used to move wood into spots, but it can also be used to correct some of the problems the wood has had. For example, if a board has come out of line it may be easy to simply tap it a couple of times with the hammer to get it back into place easily.


The square is going to be used to make sure everything is in square and can be very useful when people are building some of the projects they are working on. The square is going to be used to help make the straight lines the wood worker needs to have, but also going to be great at helping to get people having a square product that is finished for example, if people are making a wooden box they will want all the edges to come together perfectly to create the square look they are used to seeing.

Misc. Tools

These are going to fall into a category that the wood worker is not going to use each day, but they generally will have in the shop for working on the tools or even for completing some of the other projects they have to do around the shop. So these are tools like screw drivers, staplers, vice grips, pliers, wrenches, and some of the other tools that you would find in a typical shop.

When people are thinking about going into wood working they need to realize their are quite a few basic tools wood workers use. By knowing about these tools it is rather easy for people to start of with the basic tools and start to build their shop up. Then they will be able to get the work done in their shop and know that it is going to be perfect once the work is completed. Without this, people may have some difficulty in getting the first project completed in their shop.


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