How Build a Scrollsaw Out of a Jigsaw

Earlier today I showed a video on building a drill powered scroll saw. Well this one is a LOT simpler to build. You can even use it in place of a bandsaw if you get a high powered jigsaw for the project.

Though the jigsaw isn’t as strong as a bandsaw, a very good jigsaw can even cut 2×4 lumber. I know this because I have used it to notch out bird mouths in rafter tails for the roof of a home. But it was a good Dewalt jigsaw – and these run you about 150 bucks.

Still cheaper than many jigsaws though. The only issue of using a jigsaw for your scrollsaw and to replace a bandsaw is that with a machine that you buy the blade is held from top to bottom – so you will have a steadier blade.

One thing you definitely won’t be able to use it for in similarity with a bandsaw is resawing lumber. You only will be able to use it for cutting out parts, etc.. But if that is all you will be using it for then great!

With a jigsaw it will be different just slightly. The blade will vibrate and it could be more difficult at the start to hit the right spot on the wood. But it should be fine once you get used to using it. Either way check out the video. Very simple, pretty much just building a box for the jigsaw.

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